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Memory Training Evaluation Learning Brainsight St. Paul Minnesota
Memory Training

Dr. Bedford is fortunate to have studied under Dr. Milton Dehn and learned first-hand from one of the foremost experts on memory training and interventions. When people, particularly students, suffer from short-term memory, working memory, or long-term memory problems, much more than just academics is impacted. Memory difficulties can be linked to vocational problems, difficulties with interpersonal relationships, and even mental health issues.  Memory training can help improve working memory capacity, encoding functions, and/or retrieval processes.

Memory training is typically proceeded by some kind of assessment to determine precisely what memory difficulties are present. After that, training begins with some education about how memory and information processing works to provide some context and great understanding of the difficulties that are being experienced. From there forward, weekly training sessions focus on developing new memory skills and strategies and testing those abilities with hands-on experiments and exercises during the session. Memory training is typically very interactive with some time also dedicated to discussing how these new skills are being applied outside of the training sessions.

More information about the research that supports memory training can be found on the resources page.

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