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Public Speaking Conferences Chris Bedford Ph.D. Brainsight Attention Learning Memory
Speaking & Psychoeducation

There's a tradition in modern cognitive-behavioral psychological approaches of "giving away psychology." The idea is that it is a service to the community and greater society when we freely and broadly share knowledge. Dr. Bedford is a firm believer in this concept. He starts many therapy relationships by sharing what the research says and how psychologists conceptualize or understand the problems that are being confronted in session. He takes the same kind of approach to providing feedback after evaluations.


Dr. Bedford is a frequent and popular speaker at local, regional, and national conferences where he presents about attention, learning, memory, executive functioning, and mental health. People appreciate his ability to connect research, theory, and practice in ways that are meaningful and insightful. He has a knack for deconstructing complex concepts and illustrating them with clinical examples to help people better understand difficult material. He is available to speak at training sessions, conferences, teacher in-service workshops, and parent groups, among others. If he would be a good addition to your upcoming event, call of email us to discuss your needs. 

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