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Virtual Reality Continuous Performance Test

Brainsight is very excited to be an early adopter of Nesplora's virtual reality test of continuous performance. Continuous performance tests have been used for a long time to evaluate attention and distractibility under high and low demand situations. These are typically computerized tests that has a person respond to certain stimuli when it is presented and ignore other stimuli. For example, click the mouse every time you hear or see the number one and do nothing when you hear or see the number two. The problem with these old CPTs is that they lack ecological validity. That is to say, they don't reflect the real world demands of attention. 

AULA is the first well developed, norm referenced, virtual reality measure to evaluate attention, vigilance, impulse control and activity level in a simulated classroom. The test runs into a Samsung Virtual Reality system comprised by a Samsung VR glasses and a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ mobile phone that provides high accuracy on all the measurements tracked by AULA, and simplifies the use of the tool. More information is available at Nesplora's website.

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