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Welcome to Brainsight, serving children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with learning, memory, and attention problems.
Neurocognitive Testing

Our comprehensive evaluations examine learning, attention, behavioral and social-emotional factors that may be making school or work hard, while more narrow assessments for learning difficulties focus on academic challenges. In either case, neurocognitive testing at Brainsight is always thorough and leads to evidence-based treatments.

ADHD Screening

When difficulties seem to be focused on attention and distractibility, and there does not appear to be any problems with learning or emotional or behavioral regulation, our state-of-the art ADHD screenings include QEEG analysis and virtual reality continuous performance testing. The evaluation is brief but comprehensive. 

Brain Mapping with QEEG
To aid in diagnosis and treatment planning many clients choose to use Quantitative EEG brain mapping technology to help discriminate between different disorders that may mimic each other, like anxiety and ADHD, or help select medications or other interventions in light of brainwave activity.
Memory Training

For some people who struggle with learning and recall, it may be beneficial to participate in memory training to improve working memory, encoding, and retrieval of information. These evidence-based interventions are delivered in face-to-face training sessions and can be useful to improve academic and workplace performance. 

Speaking & Psychoeducation

Sometimes more information is the answer. Whether it's sitting down one-on-one or presenting at conferences, community, school, or parent groups, we always enjoy the opportunity to share what we know about learning, memory and attention. We're strong believers in "giving away psychology" and sharing our knowledge and expertise. 


Ongoing support can be a powerful tool when someone is struggling. Therapy can be a useful means of building self-awareness, recognizing patterns of behavior, exploring the why behind thoughts and behaviors, trying out new ways of doing things, and getting support and feedback throughout the process.

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